How does our escorts works?

At a London Escort, you can rent a car with escorts or entire fleet for more than a few hours or days. We have prepared flexible packages for those interested in renting a medium-term one with escort. Thanks to this form of vehicle financing, you gain full independence and an attractive offer. The formalities related to short-term escorts rental are very similar and just as uncomfortable as in the case of renting less than 30 days. At any time you can change your car or opt out of further rental. In the case of medium-term rental, the service includes service, seasonal tires and a full package of insurance services with settlement of motor claims. In the event of a breakdown, you can also count on a replacement car.


London Escort Car services are for you if:

  • you want to escort reduce the costs associated with maintaining the fleet,
  • you need pre-contract cars with escorts,
  • you increase employment in the enterprise,
  • you are contracting away from the company’s headquarters escorts,
  • you reduce or increase your fleet,
  • you do not want to make a long-term escort contracts


What could you count by choosing our escorts?

  • lack of own contribution London Escort,
  • rental escorts costs can be included in the tax deductible costs,
  • the option of buying a vehicle,
  • fleet service (service, liquidation of motor damage and a replacement car warranty),
  • the opportunity to terminate the contract at a convenient time on favorable terms with escort from London Escorts.

Renting a car London Escort has never been so easy. Choose London Escorts and create a fleet without spending a fortune! Also check our short-term and long-term rental. Why should you choose our short-term car rental?


We have prepared a comprehensive service, tailored to your needs and requirements. The escorts car rental is a great solution if:

  • You are looking for a replacement car and your vehicle has failed,
  • You want to test a specific vehicle model before you start long-term contract rental;
  • You are looking for a new escorts, and most importantly, technically efficient vehicle for foreign travel;
  • You plan to expand your fleet of vehicles with the London Escorts;
  • You need a escort occasionally.


London Escorts – convenience first and foremost!

Our rental car escorts, thanks to numerous offices located in London, allows you to rent a escorts from anywhere. If you need to rent a escort car outside the company’s branches, we provide our clients with a door-to-door service consisting in delivering the vehicle to the indicated place and at the set time. Also check our long-term and medium-term rental and choose the solution you need! Check this in our website: https://cheap–


Our offer includes cars in both compact and premium class as well as in the city class.